Portage Press’s reading period is now closed.  Check out the links below to see some of the works featured in Portage 2018.

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Check out great content by amazing authors and artists in our 2018 edition of Portage Magazine below!

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Editorial Statements


At Portage Magazine we recognize and appreciate all that poetry is capable of. The sting of a powerful final line. The beauty of a well-structured poem. The awe that is conjured by the poet who has full control of their words. Poetry is both the wind in the chimes and the thunder of gods. Here at Portage, we are dedicated to publishing works that inspire these feelings, or any feeling whatsoever. We know how powerful a voice can be and the message behind it. We welcome the poets and poems that remind us of how [adjective] the Midwest is, but also encourage works that show us new unexplored corners of the world. // Gabriel Mundo, Poetry Editor, 2019

Visual Art

This year, Portage Magazine welcomed and embraced the unique visions of a number of artists. Each with their own style- and their own story- the multitude of art types represented help to paint a picture of what the Midwest has to offer. Through their pens, brushes, and camera lens, Portage is honored to spread the talents of these fine individuals. The world, and art itself, speaks to us in a myriad of ways. Let us take the time to fully appreciate our home through the lens of another. Thank you to all who have shared their visions with us this year. // Amanda Zarder, Visual Art Editor, 2019