2023 Editor’s Note

Dear reader,

On behalf of all the undergraduate students who have worked tirelessly to put together the 2023 issue of Portage, we thank you for taking the time to explore and absorb the works of authors throughout every part of the Midwest. Due to our brief hiatus in 2022, we certainly felt the pressure to put together something special to highlight the importance of Portage and its role in publishing both emerging and well-seasoned authors alike. We are honored by every author, artist, and poet who submitted to the 2023 issue, allowing us a mere gaze into their lives and minds. This 2023 issue is emotional at times, meditative at others, and of course, reflective. It consists of a vast range of pieces, taking you on a contemplative journey through a diverse selection of themes and topics. We hope this issue reestablishes the strong sense of community Portage has maintained over the many years of its existence. 

Since 2015, Portage has expanded its content from poetry and prose to include interactive fiction, visual arts, and even a few mixtapes. Regardless of the content, each piece of literature, art, or music comes from a diverse and talented group of artists with ties to the Midwest.  Each submission is analyzed and discussed by our team of undergraduate editors to ensure we publish pieces that bring out unique emotion. Furthermore, our interviews and features allow us to personally interact with and highlight some of the talented authors who have submitted their works to us. We hope you get a sense of closeness and community from these in-depth interviews of Midwestern authors and artists. 

After a brief hiatus in 2022, we found it imperative that Portage portray a strong sense of community and togetherness in our 2023 issue. Luckily, we were blessed with authors and artists willing to share their deepest desires, strongest memories, and most treasured moments with us. It is easy to find community in such transparency and vulnerability, and we hope you take the time to appreciate the feeling of connectedness that this yearly issue displays. 

-Alexandra Caucutt

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