2023 Masthead

Editor in Chief: Alexandra Caucutt is a junior majoring in biology and minoring in biochemistry and creative writing at Carroll University. She is currently an EMT in Milwaukee. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, reading and spending time with her dog, Snuggles.

Assistant Editor in Chief: Julia Martinez is a junior majoring in English and writing at Carroll University, with a near completion of an Associate of Science degree at Milwaukee Area Technical College. She enjoys reading dystopian fantasy novels, attending concerts of all genres of music, and traveling to new destinations. She plans to pursue a career as an attorney.

Poetry Editor: Caelen Crowley is a graduating senior and an English/Writing major. Caelen intends to pursue a job first with a library or publishing house, but dreams of one day of having a position where they can directly work as a writer for creative media and eventually publish their own stories and poetry. Their free time is often dedicated to creating more indulgent art and writing or getting involved with activism for causes they believe in. Their actual downtime is spent taking naps with their cat, Valentine. 

Prose Editor:  Abigail Daun is a junior majoring in English and writing at Carroll University and hopes to pursue a career as a children’s book author. She is currently a youth group leader at her church, and in her free time enjoys reading, hiking, and getting coffee with friends.

Features Editor: Gina Magno is a junior majoring in communication and minoring in professional writing. She loves live music, boba, and spending time with her friends, girlfriend, and family. She hopes to pursue a career in journalism after graduation.

Creative Website Director: Alexander J. Moss is a senior majoring in elementary education and minoring in creative writing. He has a love of almost all art forms, though music is dear to his heart, due to being a musician for the last nine years, but he loves writing and reading as a close second. Making new music or poems is a hobby, experimenting with his own emotions and views to make pieces he is proud off, as well as tinkering with all sorts of electronics/technology. However, his favorite passion is just being with friends, family, and loved ones. His plan is to pursue a career in the education system or into more creative fields!
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Copy Editor: Ian Waldoch is a junior majoring in English and Writing at Carroll University. He plans to attend graduate school studying philosophy or another adjacent field, but dreams of making a living off of his own fiction writing.

Reviews Editor: Leona Besimi is a senior majoring in history at Carroll University. In her free time, Leona enjoys spending time with loved ones (this includes the residents at the senior living facility she works for), exploring neighborhoods with different architecture, and reading and writing about certain periods in history. She hopes to someday work in either journalism or for a non-profit in the communications and public relations department. 

Social Media Coordinator: Paige Hill is a graduating senior majoring in animal behavior and minoring in photography at Carroll University. She is pursuing a career in wildlife studies and hopes to become a wildlife photographer. Her favorite activities include hiking, birding, and is a big fan of movies and video games.
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Interactive Fiction Editor: Maximilian Hennigan is an English major and aspiring writer here at Carroll. He is in his third year and is excited to see what the world has to offer him. Max plans to pursue a practical career in freelance writing but has a dream of creatively writing for video games. 

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