Rising Water by David Blackey

Neglect by Jan Chronister

Eileen Tabios Writes Poems Inspired by Her Son’s Math Equations by Cathryn Cofell

Prize Bonsai by Yvette Viets Flaten

Thirty-six Years After the Nuclear Weapon Tests at Bikini by Maryann Hurtt

Big White Dog by Erna Kelly

Stretched by Kylie Jorgensen

How the Years Pass Until It’s You by Joseph Kerschbaum

I Wandered Along the Isthmus Until the Soles of my Shoes Crumbled and my Socks Soaked Up Green Lake Scum, Now I Have a Rash by Brandon Nakashima

Hammer in Hand by Kathleen Phillips

Barcelona Windows, Bay View Iron Well by Margaret Rozga

Season of Sun-Bleached Mandible by Tori Grant Welhouse

ENDNOTES by Allison Whittenberg

Life slips by Allison Whittenberg

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