I can say no to things now

The traffic light visible through the storm

I can find my way through an hour

Without even a list to anchor me

My thoughts contained and not bubbling over

Clarity and discipline cut into the day.

One small blue pill in my mouth and things change.

It races a calming firestorm in me

Light cuts a line through the frenzied disco

A bright enough beacon to set out clearer paths

I feel it first as an aide to cleaning

Then as I drive with better focus than ever

And then fifty other elements

On this morning I can plan with ease

And buildup other points in time

Grasp sight of relevant outposts

Beyond the right-this-second

Feel the moments that are not glued to my hands.

And I wait to flip an egg and use the minutes

Cleaning the kitchen instead of voyaging across whole house

I stop myself talking once the point has been made

Leave for work on time

Work at daycare more smoothly

Lead the class through the hall straight

Talk without losing myself in the speech

See many details and now see the relevant ones most

Still a multitude in my thoughts

But a horde that walks now

Instead of dancing.

I have it

Only six hours each day

Each afternoon the signposts dim

I catch myself babbling again

Lost in movements

And see my words thoughts actions fumble

I stand jealous now of what I was three hours ago

When I felt at ease

And I had earned confidence

The texture more frantic

My deeds’ scattered lines push mind to evening sorrow

Eager to regain my ease tomorrow.

Jacob Glicklich

Jacob Glicklich is a childcare worker in Milwaukee, and an active member of Southshore Poets. He is a member of the synagogue Shir Hadash, a past volunteer for No More Deaths, and a past member of the Alliance of History Graduate Students at UW-Milwaukee. He and Sara Rahn have been married for seven years. These poems are the first that he has seen published. 

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