Autumn Sumac

I watch the Sumac for signs of taking leave

it’s true the top leaves of the Maple are turning

but the Sumac is my confirmation of Autumn

Berries past ripe, small clusters of rubies losing luster

with compound leaves turning redder than its berries

becoming a burning bush sacrificing the green of summer

Migrating monarchs rest here within this receding

amid branches of the diminishing Sumac, camping out

in Autumn’s dimming light before following shadows

Patricia Carney

Patricia Carney lives and writes along the South Shore of Lake Michigan in Cudahy, WI. She is a member of the WI Fellowship of Poets and the South Shore Poets.  She is published throughout the Midwest and has authored three chapbooks, most recently, A Kayak is My Church Pew (Kelsay Press, 2021).  Carney has also published a novel, Community Service On Planet Weirdo and her second is due to be published by next year: Grandmother Carried Her Pearls.

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