Four years old he takes in only some things

And his family has given him more than he can hold

More than anyone should have to

He talks most days about his father

Who killed himself

Last week

And who he found hanging.

There should be hours of one-on-one therapy with professional

I can offer him only a few minutes of sympathy

Spread across hectic daycare days

Making a little time when not watching the other 14 children

I offer what I can

Listen to his halting speeches

His excitement to go find where dad is hiding

And hug him a little bit longer.

Jacob Glicklich

Jacob Glicklich is a childcare worker in Milwaukee, and an active member of Southshore Poets. He is a member of the synagogue Shir Hadash, a past volunteer for No More Deaths, and a past member of the Alliance of History Graduate Students at UW-Milwaukee. He and Sara Rahn have been married for seven years. These poems are the first that he has seen published. 

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