Credulity of Children

Credit credulity for the man in the moon,

who carried a lantern and walked a dog,

went to the bakery, or just sat on a log.

Naïveté necessitated three men in a tub,

run-a-way dishes and run-a-way spoons,

cows that could easily jump o’er the moon,

bunny-borne baskets, chimney chute gifting,

Mississippi rafting and beanstalks up-lifting.

Belief made the magic of midnight’s spinning

straw into gold, Rumpelstiltskin forgiving;

made glass slipper slip-up turn into proposal;

laid magical swords at princes’ disposal.

Trust made trolls, gnomes, fairies, and elves,

made strong witch’s brew still sitting on shelves.

With confidence came dings and dongs from a bell.

Conviction made stories that ended up well.

Erna Kelly

Erna Kelly is a retired English professor (UW-Eau Claire). Her poem, Molt, will be part of the Wausau Arts Center’s 2023 Poetry Month window display. Her poem Yellow was given an honorable mention for the March 2023 Wilda Morris challenge. Published poems can be found in Poetry Hall, The Aurorean, Bramble, and several Ariel Anthologies.

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