Poetry 2016

Taylor Belmer // Post-Breakup
Zella Christensen // Anniversary; The Winter Whales
DeWitt Clinton // Life Without You
Brian Czyzyk // Bitter Ode
Jessica S. Frank // Burning Birch
Maryann Hurtt // The Grace of Waking
Mary Kane // Toad love
Eileen Mattmann // Daily I fall in love with carpenters; Come here; Bury Them Deep
CJ Muchhala // at the field station in the cloud forest
Jennifer Neely // Slow Sap Trickle
Lynn Pattison // Who knows when leaves learn to dance
Adrian Potter // Is This Heaven?; Cabin Fever
Jeannie Roberts // Ghost Plants Perform in Lake Hallie
Mary C. Rowin // Suburban Woman Faces Minor Danger
George Stevenson // In My Home Town Before TV; TIME SHARING
Sarah Rose Thomas // A Cuban Boy Takes a Descriptive Writing Test; Wisconsin Mermaid
Taunja Thomson // Toward June; Viewing Wheat through Ethan’s Hair; Between Moons
MB Yunus // Your Parting Gift; One Moment of Love
Marilyn Zelke-Windau // Travelling Home on Highway 67
Alicia Zuberbier // A Creationist’s Sunset

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