David Bernacchi’s “The City Reflects”: a Milwaukee photo essay

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With 2020 came an unfounded amount of change not only within people’s lives but across the country as a whole. The reflection of change can be seen all around us, even within our very own city. We are thrilled to be featuring a photo essay by local photographer David Bernacchi, where he captured the footprints left by this past year.

Kelly Rodriguez, Features Editor, on The City Reflects

David Bernacchi has been involved in many aspects of the photographic industry in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for over three decades…retailer, gallerist, curator and of course photographer. His love of photography began during his childhood while studying closely the work in the famous LOOK and LIFE magazines. The self taught photographer quickly leaned towards photojournalism, and has been shooting many aspects of events and lifestyle ever since.
His work has appeared in many publications including The Milwaukee Journal, Parade Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Milwaukee Magazine, The Shepherd Express, The Catholic Herald and ESPN.com.
He was a regular contributor for OnMilwaukee.com, covering events, sports and concerts for over ten years. He is currently working on a collection/book of sports photography, ” Eye on the Ball ” and is involved closely with a national photo archive/storage company. Still freelancing, he is also a resident photographer and co-manager of Northern Lights Photo Studio located in downtown Milwaukee.

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