Feature: Lighthouse Marinette and Silver Lake Reflection

Interview with: June Paul

Where do you draw the most inspiration for your photography?

I have been inspired first by professional photographers and don’t consider myself a professional by any means. Most of my inspiration is found in nature or in a combination of natural and human conditions. I would also have to say I’m pretty spontaneous – if I see something I think is beautiful in nature, I’ll stop to take a photo.

What challenges do you face when you choose to start a new project?

So far I haven’t been a ‘project’ photographer, but that’s an interesting thought.

Have you ever found yourself stuck on what to photograph? What methods help you overcome those roadblocks? What made you first want to take up photography?

I think it was taking walks with my grandchildren that prompted me. I’d want to capture a moment for them or with them. Then my husband gave me a nice camera because he noticed I enjoyed taking pictures, and he said he thought I was pretty good at it. The next thing was deciding I wanted to pay more attention to my surroundings than my thoughts. Taking photos was a way for me to take notice of the world around me.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in pursuing photography as a potential career path/hobby?

I think you just have to say to yourself, “Maybe I could do this.” Try some new and different ways of looking at things.  Decide to matte and frame a photo you like a lot. Give some as gifts. Finally, submit something when you are ready and don’ quit after rejection. Eventually someone might like your work.

June Paul enjoys spending time with family and dabbling with writing or other forms of art. In the last few years, June has started taking more photos and is really just learning how to use her NIKON Coolpix B500.  Most of her photos are of nature. While she enjoys people watching, she often feels as if she’s intruding on their privacy if she takes photos of them.. You can get up close and personal with nature and not worry about any of that.  

Statement on the Silver Lake photo.   

“The trees surrounding Silver Lake Beach in Portage, WI were stunning in their fall colors.  The sky and water were clear. I took this photo with my Samsung Galaxy because I had left my camera at home. When I downloaded the photo and turned it on my camera, I saw this interesting effect that caused me to think about theater and the arts.”

Statement on the Lighthouse picture.    

“It was an incredibly windy October day in Menomonee. Our daughter took us to see the lighthouse. There were times you couldn’t see it through the waves and clouds, so I kept taking photos as fast as I could. This is my favorite shot from that day. To me, it depicts the beauty and strength of both nature and mankind, clashing and crashing at times, and at other times sharing moments of peace and serenity.”

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