Great Expectations

You’re like bubblegum stuck in my hair

I think I’ve got every trace of

You removed but there are

Days where I find more

Stuck deep in the roots or

Little bits at the edges.

I finally cut you out but now

I’m left with a jagged pixie

Cut that doesn’t suit me at all.

I shave my head, desperate to

Remove every piece of you.

Now I look in the mirror and

I’m reminded of you regardless.

How luscious I was before you

How barren I feel after.

You didn’t break my heart,

I did it for you.

You’re moving on.

I’m not your concern.

I never was.

You can continue searching that

Bottomless ocean you call a heart

For the meaning of existence without

Me to weigh you down, keep you

Grounded for fear you’ll forget to


You can fly as close to the sun as you want

Without me warning you of

Dripping wax.

You can burn out to your

Heart’s content.

I only ever stifled you, anyway.

Even when it’s easier to forget I exist,

I hope you remember Hay Creek.

I hope you remember the makeshift canopy fort

Silk sheets and woven wool,

White wine and gummi worm charcuterie,

Sandalwood and lavender.

I hope you remember the squishy,

Broken bits we took out of hiding and

Handled like museum quality relics

Only to shove them back in a dusty box

Left for the next moment of

Performative vulnerability.

I hope you remember the

Bargain jeans and sticker bins

Painted pottery and

Deli sandwiches in a snowy cemetery.

I hope you remember me trying to love you

Even when if felt impossible without

Divine intervention

Or an alternate universe.

I hope you find a love that fits you

Like glass shards in a mosaic

Completing the picture I wish I was a part of.

Kylie Jorgensen

Kylie Jorgensen holds a BA in Writing and has been published in Portage Magazine and Bramble Literary Magazine.  Kylie writes poetry and creative non-fiction, capturing the snarky, raw, and sometimes beautiful bits of humanity throughout their work. They live in central Wisconsin with their chosen family and far too many plants.

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