Haiku Waves

Ice Age Trail: Point Beach Segment

cold sand on my feet

the waves roll into my ears

fog creeps up the beach

I walk in seagull footprints

across the alewives

sideways sand flees climbing waves

walking in water

the beach is empty but me

blue sky and white caps

cool green cedar tree forest

sandy toe hiking

through the mosquitoes and trees

I drink in clean air

the trail takes the scenic route

away from the beach

I’m alone but not lonely

loud as a squirrel

past the lily-padded pond

Katrina Serwe

Katrina Serwe, BS, MS, PhD…it took her three degrees to figure out she’s really a poet. Now she’s on Wisconsin’s Ice Age Trail writing poems and sharing hiking haiku on Instagram. Her poems have been published in Bramble, Moss Piglet, The Little Book Project, Muse 5, and the Solitary Plover

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