How to Grieve

Brush your hair—

let the bristles

remind you

you are still here

Divide your hair, your heart

in three sections,

long and waiting

Bring the middle third

in front of the front third,

then the back third

between those two

Cross down and down over

cross and cross

anger over denial

over bargaining

Now, let your fingers

run down and over

the pattern,

the concepts

and start over and over,

accepting the tightness of


Katrin Talbot

Australian-born Katrin Talbot’s collection The Waiting Room for the Imperfect Alibis was just released from Kelsay Books and The Devil Orders A Latte and Falling Asleep at the Circus are forthcoming from Fernwood Press and Turning Point Books respectively. She has seven chapbooks, two Pushcart Prize nominations and quite a few chickens.

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