Interview with Kyle Re

Photographer from the Midwest

As a person, you seem to highly value the ideal of ‘creativity,’ going so far as to take it into your Instagram and website names. What about the art of photography makes you feel like you’re exercising that creative muscle?

“Part of what makes the art of photography so fun for me is taking the ideas that pop into my head and bringing them to life. Whether it’s using splashes of water, glass prisms or unique lighting, it’s always fulfilling to find new ways of telling a story or conveying an emotion through photos.”

As a Midwest-based publication, we here at Portage take the idea of the Midwest very seriously. What would you say about your music is distinctly Midwest, either in it’s content or in its production?

“I think all of my art, photography, video and music has taken some inspiration from the Midwest. One of my favorite places to create is on the lake. A couple of my favorites are Lake Michigan and Lake Monona, for the beautiful sunrises, sunsets and serene views. I’ve always found these places inspire me and keep me coming back to create year after year.”

What about an object or scene compels you to photograph it? Do you tend to photograph the same sorts of things, or novel things?

“I think what really compels me is finding an object or space that’s really unique. The lighting, perspective and color in a space are all things that draw me to it.

If I really like an idea I might photograph it many times but I always try to find a new element to spice things up. Water is one of my favorite things to create with. Whether it’s backlighting raindrops, capturing reflections, tossing up handfuls of sunlit water, it’s amazing what you can create with water and a little imagination. Neon light is another one of those things that always draws me in. I love vibrant colors, especially with portraits so it’s always fun to find a scene with interesting color to light people with.”

Photography is a very popular industry, and freelance photographers are subjected to a lot of judgement. What are some tools you use when handling rejection and criticism?

“I’ve got a decent support system, having friends who can affirm and remind me why I started definitely helps. I try not to let the criticism get to me, at times easier said than done. I think it’s also important to remember how people judge you often says more about them than it does about you.”

“Ever since I can remember I’ve had a passion for creating. As a kid I was never without a sketchpad and over time my love for art on paper evolved into a love for the whole creative process. Whether it’s taking pictures or making short films, I get really excited about taking ideas and watching them grow into dynamic and impactful work that makes you feel something. I’m currently working as a freelance photographer and graphic designer in Madison & Milwaukee, but my dream is to one day create and serve with people all over the world.”

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