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Inspiration comes to me from observing a variety of art forms. Messages can be received without obvious intention. Whether it is listening to music, watching a film, or sifting through photographs, as a designer, I feel inspired. I find myself wanting to create in ways that can inspire others. When art moves me to think deeper, challenges me to see things in a different light, or provides me with new found insight, I am energized. My creative intention is to leave the observer with similar emotions.

My work centers around photography and design. My favorite pieces are those which combine these two mediums.  The combination of these two art forms provides more creative potential. While a photograph can depict a moment in time, the addition of design can create an infinity of possibilities. These endless possibilities keep my mind open to new ideas.

I take pride in the different ways I express myself. I make art because it allows me to communicate how I am feeling at any given time. Instead of making a verbal statement, I prefer to capture, record, or create a visual message. This allows me to convey my thoughts through expression.  It also provides me a medium by which to create a message in a way one may find to be more convincing, more compelling, or more powerful.

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