Lies I Tell Myself

Today, you will call your mother
/sister/ObGyn. This will be the last
thin mint/cigarette/obscenity.
You will not be late again.
You will not say “I’m sorry” again.
You will keep your mouth shut.
You will keep your face shut, like an airlock,
not show every grimace/eye roll/disaster
you feel in your gut.
You. Got. This.
True story.
You are a Viking. An angel.
You are not defined by a W2 or an XL thigh.
You deserve the word “beautiful”.
You will be concrete/calm/caffeine free.
You will not let this last loss sink you.
You will not let that asshole win.
You will remember.
You will be remembered.

Cathryn Cofell is an Appleton poetry activist with two full full length collections including “Stick Figure With Skirt,” winner of the 2019 Main Street Rag Poetry Award, six chapbooks, numerous awards, and a music/poetry CD called

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