Looking Back

Ice Age Trail: Blackhawk Segment

bat symbols on posted houses

in open field welcome back

nighttime flights, feasts

on mosquitoes sustained

by daytime hikers

passing oak-red reflected

sunshine on Lake LaGrange

history hidden in the understory

tiny tamarack log cabin

one room held nine children

over lime kiln mortar

and fieldstone foundation

land once crowded

out, Sauk space revoked

flooded by farmers and miners

Black Hawk war of corn

name returned to this place

shared meadow, forest, lake

frost sweet riverbank grapes

left behind in the silence

tart taste of late fall afternoon

haunted by echoing Barred Owl

calls of who, who,

who cooks for you?

Katrina Serwe

Katrina Serwe, BS, MS, PhD…it took her three degrees to figure out she’s really a poet. Now she’s on Wisconsin’s Ice Age Trail writing poems and sharing hiking haiku on Instagram. Her poems have been published in Bramble, Moss Piglet, The Little Book Project, Muse 5, and the Solitary Plover

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