The moon is no longer

unobtainable. Someday it will go

to the highest bidder

or the one with the most bombs.

Like a Roman candle bursting

into bloom, the moon will explode.

I picture its shattering,

glittery shrapnel scattering

through the sudden dark.

Tonight its fragments

slip downriver

like lanterns set afloat

to commemorate

the unnamed,

the disappeared,

the collateral damage

wreaked by faceless warriors

secluded at controls

thousands of miles away.

CJ Muchhala

CJ Muchhala’s work can be found in Never Forgotten: 100 Poets Remember 9/11, as well as other anthologies, print and on-line journals including Mobius: the Journal of Social Change, Rise Up Review, previous issues of Portage, and in art/poetry exhibits. Her work has been nominated for the Best of the Net and twice for the Pushcart Prize.

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