Mallards Celebrating Their Return

The ribbon of ice snaking through the parkway

cracked open in the growing warmth,

enticing a flock of mallards

nurtured there in years past.

Drunken laughter resonated downstream

as the returnees celebrated on water

black like frothy Guinness.

Wobbling out after their swim, like tipsy revelers,

orange-webbed feet slid on the ice shelf,

snapping and breaking it into glassy shards.

They stood and chattered amid snow piles resembling

remains flung from emptied beverage tubs,

deciding where their party should go next.

Christel Maass

Christel Maass lives in southeastern Wisconsin.  She enjoys gardening, hiking, and exploring her beautiful home state.  Christel frequently writes about nature and has been widely published in print and online.

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