Tucked in between

ancient, gilded pages of


a torn piece of

paper as bookmark,

peeking out like a

yellowed swan,

saving the place between

Sonnets XXI and XXIII

I pull it out,

turn it sideways,

and read a torn version of

Janitorial supplies


What is left of the yellowing,

the decades of holding place,

is an image

of a basement office

a filing cabinet or two,

and the softness of

sonnets on a

coffee break

Katrin Talbot

Australian-born Katrin Talbot’s collection The Waiting Room for the Imperfect Alibis was just released from Kelsay Books and The Devil Orders A Latte and Falling Asleep at the Circus are forthcoming from Fernwood Press and Turning Point Books respectively. She has seven chapbooks, two Pushcart Prize nominations and quite a few chickens.

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