Editor in Chief: Kelly Rodriguez is a junior English and writing major with a minor in creative writing. When she’s not writing an essay in the library, she likes to kick back with a low-budget movie or listen to new music. She hopes to pursue a career in productions after graduation.

Portage Press Editor in Chief: Morgan Clark is a sophomore majoring in communication and double minoring in creative writing and health care administration. When not studying in the library, she enjoys film photography, traveling, and playing piano.

Portage Press Assistant Editor and Print Graphic Designer: Melanie Hurtgen is a graphic communication major and creative writing minor. In her free time, she loves playing video games, watching TV, hanging out with her friends and family, and working very slowly on her comic book.

Poetry Editor: Murphy McCoy is a senior majoring in psychology and English and writing. Currently she spends most of her waking hours furiously writing essays and analyzing psychological studies. Her hobbies include collecting dictionaries and science textbooks, reading reviews of films she has no intention of ever watching, and finding ways to mention her cat Stevie in every conversation.

Prose Editor: Caitlyn McGeary is a junior majoring in communication and minoring in creative writing. She loves coffee, concerts, and wasting time on movies, music, and brainless TV shows.

Webmaster: Sami Curtis is a senior majoring in marketing and minoring in graphic design. In her free time, she enjoys spending time outside with friends and family and getting emotionally invested in books and TV shows.

Copy Editor: Jacob Dziubek is a senior majoring in business with an English minor. Free time, when he can find it, is spent watching his favorite movies with his wife, Eliya, building scale model western towns, and cackling maniacally over reasons currently unknown even to himself.

Reviews Editor: Scottee Hoff is a sophomore double majoring in elementary education and special education with a minor in mathematics. She spends a majority of her free time hanging out with friends, reading, and volunteering at a local middle school.

Digital Graphic Designer and Social Media Czarista: Alex Dieringer is a junior majoring in communication with a minor in creative writing. In his free time, he is finishing his graphic novel, watching tv, and petting his dog Lily.

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