Editor in Chief: Sarah Hansen is a senior double majoring in communication and English at Carroll University. This is her second year with Portage; she worked as the Poetry Editor for the 2017 issue and is very happy to be back. When Sarah isn’t discovering new books, she can be found managing Carroll’s softball team or drinking coffee at the Steaming Cup in downtown Waukesha.

Portage Press Editor: Lauren Brandmeier is a senior majoring in English and writing with a minor in music. This fall, she’ll be continuing her education at Minnesota State University, Mankato for a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing with an emphasis in poetry. For the last year, she’s been an active member of  Student Senate and recently finished her fourth year of collegiate swimming with the Women’s Swim Team. During a typical day, she can be found practicing piano in Shattuck, at the pool, or grabbing a cup of iced coffee with her friends. Her best friend is Gabriel Mundo.

Portage Press Assistant Editor: Makenzie Rosol is a sophomore communications major with a double minor in professional writing and creative writing. When she’s not vigorously podcasting or writing for the New Perspective on campus, she is doing escape rooms with friends and spending her money at Meijer on items she doesn’t need.

Poetry Editor: Gabriel Mundo is a junior at Carroll University. He’s majoring in English and writing with a creative writing minor.  Gabriel enjoys playing soccer, reading, and writing poetry. He hopes to pursue a career in writing. His best friend is Lauren Brandmeier.

Prose Editor: Madelyn Spindler is a junior majoring in English and psychology with a minor in French. When she’s not reading, writing, or speed-walking from one Carroll class to the next, she participates in her second religion of listening to elevated fantasy or 80s rock music.

Webmaster, Art Editor, Graphic Designer: Amanda Zarder is a junior majoring in history and minoring in graphic communication, creative writing, and educational studies. Her ideal  Saturday night activities include curling up with her cat and watching old episodes of Scrubs and How I Met Your Mother.

Features Editor: Joseph Messink is currently a senior majoring in English at Carroll University. He enjoys the smell of leather, eating carbohydrates, and vacuuming dirty floors. He hopes to  pursue a career in pediatric nursing after he returns to school for a nursing degree and is petrified of outer space.

Copy Editor: Sammy DeGroot is a junior majoring in nursing and minoring in creative writing. When she’s not studying for nursing exams, Sammy enjoys running, playing soccer, reading a good book, and hanging out with her dog Barkley when she gets the chance to go home.

Reviews Editor: Stephan Martin is a junior at Carroll University majoring in communication and minoring in creative writing. A self-proclaimed “jack of all trades,” he takes on music, writing, and film in hopes that one of these might be a main focus later in life.

Social Media Czarista: Emma Collar is a senior with majoring in business and minoring in writing. When she isn’t doing social media posts and editing stories for Portage Magazine, she can be found reading a good book or watching TV shows and movies.

Interactive Fiction Editor: Sam Neils is a senior majoring in information technology and professional writing. When he isn’t seeking out new games to feature for Portage, you can find him working behind the scenes on his first independent game project. According to his parents, the first word Sam ever spoke was “squirrel.”