Mid-West Mix-tape: Midwestern Rising Artists

“MidWest Mixtape!” Designed by Katrisha Charpentier

How are we feeling, ladies and gentlemen? While you were all still trying to enjoy those tiny tastes of summer in the past weeks, here at the Portage Magazine we were getting prepared. So, to start us off, we’re coming to you live with some of our top summertime songs to blast in your car while you’re cruising down the highway, windows open and spirit free. Get an early start on that backyard suntan while The Keystones bring that classic rock ‘n’ roll feeling back into your lives. Let Clear Pioneer’s “Let Me In” become your beach-time banger while you fall in love with your high-school sweetheart to Ms. Love’s “Lean Into It.” Whatever you might be feeling, our Midwest Mix-tape is full of the rising stars whose songs will be serenading you all summer. So enjoy these songs, as well as many others, on this years “2019 Midwest Mixtape!”

Benjamin Lipman- To The Moon

Benjamin Lipman was born and raised in Southeastern Wisconsin in 1980. After attending university for almost a year he dropped out to pursue washing dishes professionally. Since then he’s moved on to other things. In 1994 he started his first band and has been making music ever since. He currently lives in Chicago with his wife and daughter and works nights as an elementary school janitor.

Lyrical G- On My Own

Lyrical G born and raised in Waukegan, IL. He has been making music for about 7 years now. He started out in high school with a friend and then branched out to doing his own thing. He has worked extremely hard to grow his fan base and make content that represents him well. He looks to spread a positive and motivating message to his fans and the youth. “My big thing is inspiring others that if you really work hard you can do what you want, never settle for less.”

The Keystones- Different

The Keystones are an alt-rock garage band based in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Born in the birthplace of the electric guitar itself, these musicians embrace their town’s rock ‘n’ roll roots by sharing their love of gritty tunes on stage and in bars across the Midwest.

Olivia Love- Lean Into It

Olivia Love is a multi-instrumental Chicagoland musician whose originals and completely unique covers are most closely described as “bluesy folk-rock.” Her music has taken her all over the world and she’s performed in France, Ecuador and China as well as many parts of the Midwest. Her band (Cora Bell) recently finished their first album, and she is currently wrapping up her first solo EP. Her single, ‘Lean Into It,’ is now streaming on all platforms!

Returning Reckless- Marionette

Returning Reckless is a four piece metalcore act from Milwaukee Wisconsin members consisting of Zach Burr (guitar) Allen Fleischmann (vocals), Caleb Medd (drums) and Holden Bond (Bass). Forming officially 2 years ago we have put out one debut EP called “Split Personalities” as well as releasing our first music video for the song “Marionette” (video courtesy of Eddie Curran of Enterprise films).  We like to consider ourselves a blend of the old 2009 nostalgia driven metalcore with a modern twist. 

Photo Credits: Kelley Curran

Clear Pioneer- Let Me In (Visual)

“Blending guitar-driven flares and synthesized atmospheres into a sonic Indie Pop package, Clear Pioneer’s music and live shows crafted by Grant Clementi, Jesse Carl, and Kyler Schmor reveal a story waiting to be told and aching to be heard. Their passion for connecting with people through music is evident from the moment you meet them; no matter the venue, audience or song – connecting people to hope and love by bringing them into a space of wonder and gratitude as they share their experiences through music is ultimately what they set out to do.”

Versio Curs- Down The Middle

Versio Curs is an indie punk (or whatever genre, who cares) band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They formed in 2017 and released their debut album ‘How Are You’ independently on February 6th, 2018. The sound itself is a unique blend of pop sadness mixed with upbeat guitars and punk time signatures. You can listen to their music on any and all music streaming services on the world wide web.

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