Of All That Is

Here, stick out your wrist

so I can put my lips there.

Unfold these events just in time

or in no time at all.

There’s a piece of mirror in the sky,

watch out, everyone’s following it

with their own

advice and anger—it shouldn’t be there…

no one invited it here in the blue…

how come it’s not in my yard?

What is it?

It’s your exhaustive will.

What is it?

Pray for it now honey…

Pray the future doesn’t turn

us into blank motions

while others marvel at the stars.

Karen Nystrom

Karen Nystrom is a poet and playwright living in Ellison Bay, WI. Her poems have appeared in 8142 Review, The Denver Quarterly, The Harvard Review, Indiana Review, and others. She has an MFA from Vermont College and is currently looking for a theater for her most recent play, 7 TEETH: A Northwoods Farce.

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