Our Habitual Humanity

One year ago,
I was among dozens in a cafe
Irritated that the person
Sitting four feet away from me
Was humming.

I was so spoiled back then–
Lipstick stains on my latte
And a tidy pile of greens
Next to my perfect omelette–

No masks,
No social distancing,
No hand sanitizer.

Now, alone in my house
I tap my foot
I click my pen
Bagels and tea slowly
Punching holes in my sanity

I long for the buzz
Of the coffee grinder and
The whir of the milk
As it spittles and spurts.

I want to slowly pick
Apart a blueberry muffin
Unwashed fingers bare
To my mouth, no
Thoughts, no cares.

I dream of that omelette
Which used to whisk
Me away to the sunny
Hillsides of Provence
When I realize…

I’m humming.

Laura Shorey Montgomery is a part-time writer based in Madison, WI.  She was born and raised in Iowa. But after spending some time living “elsewhere,” she came back to the Midwest and fell in love with the subtle beauty of its landscape.  Find her online at: writewolffreelance.wordpress.com.

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