Panamanian Molas

The San Blas people
stack colors of cotton fabric,
cut through layers,
stitch red, blue, green, black
to reveal designs
of life on their islands:
fish, turtles, fruit,
birds that ascend,
birds that descend.

In stitching your memories
you stitch history,
bind your culture in beauty,
gift your grandchildren
with an art form to be continued,

In cloth, your hope and ideas flow upward,
reveal themselves from beneath,
to be translated from within,
from your spirit,
from your heritage.

Marilyn Zelke Windau (Sheboygan Falls) started writing poems at age thirteen. A former art teacher, she has had four books of poetry published. An award-winning author, her work may be found in many journals and anthologies. She includes her maiden name to honor her father, who was also a writer.

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