Recipe for Your First Daughter

(Best served in quiet contemplation of who she could have been, with a mix of Pride and Guilt)

Start with a firstborn daughter, layer in expectations of being the smart one, the successful one, with good grades and better manners, the only remark on her report card being “she’s brilliant, but she talks too much”

Chop off the rebellious roots, the untamed dreams, but keep the safe, stable life choices in case anyone ever needs to lean on her

Boil away any sense of individual; her life will always be in response to someone else’s needs before her own

Incorporate siblings into children she didn’t have or ask to be responsible for, but do it anyway because someone has to and why not her

Simmer over years of pretending everything is fine until it boils over in the middle of an argument, in the Kwik Trip parking lot, or a staff meeting, never where it needs to and always at the worst time

Garnish with an anxiety disorder disguised as “compassion” and “empathy”

Serve cold-hearted and years too late, on Gramma’s worn-out potholders, with her same worn-out smile.

Kylie Jorgensen

Kylie Jorgensen holds a BA in Writing and has been published in Portage Magazine and Bramble Literary Magazine.  Kylie writes poetry and creative non-fiction, capturing the snarky, raw, and sometimes beautiful bits of humanity throughout their work. They live in central Wisconsin with their chosen family and far too many plants.

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