Reviews 2018

A Hollow Bone by Dawn Hogue, Review by Linda Qin

Becoming Trans-parent: One Family’s Journey of Gender Transition by Annette Grunseth, Review by Judy Barisonzi

Bird-Brain by Matt Mauch, Review by Sarah Stock

Compass & Clock by David Sanders, Review by Mary Riley

Diphtheria Festival by Jefferson Carter, Review by Lindsey Wurm

Girling by C. Kubasta, Review by Emily May

Her Heartsongs by Joan Colby, Review by Carolina Collins

HOME/BODY by Georgia Ressmeyer, Review by Kaylee Binninger

How Distant the City by Freesia McKee, Review by Jessica S. Frank

Imagination’s Place: The “Old Poet” Poems by Tom Montag, Review by John Olski

Song of Ourself  by Erik Richardson, Review by Cody Bentley

The Water Poems by The Grand Avenue Poetry Collective, Review by Tori Grant Welhouse

Vasectomania by Matthew Guenette, Review by Frederick Kreutz

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