Reviews 2019

Beyond Bulrush by Jeannie E. Roberts, reviewed by Tori Grant Welhouse

Canoeing a River with No Name by Ronnie Hess, reviewed by Judith Barisonzi

The Collect of the Day by Jeanie Tomasko, reviewed by Mary Riley

Dovetail by Sharon Auberle and Jeanie Tomasko, reviewed by Freesia McKee

Heritage by Edwin S. Segal, reviewed by Sarah Hansen

a little rain, a little more by Ron Czerwien, reviewed by Gabriel Mundo

Proposition at the Walk-In Infinity Chamber by Bobbie Lee Lovell, reviewed by Mary C. Rowin

Romp and Ceremony by Jeannie E. Roberts, reviewed by Makenzie Rosol

Sensorium by Richard Merelman, reviewed by Fred Kreutz

A Tar Pit to Dye In by Ed Werstein, reviewed by Ashley Ehman

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