Reviews Homepage

Abjectification by C. Kubasta; reviewed by Linda Braus

A Kayak is My Church Pew by Patricia Carney; reviewed by Mary Riley

Alpha Images: Poems Selected and New by Karl Elder; reviewed by Fred Kreutz

Antisocial Norms by Zeke Jarvis; reviewed by Ashley Ehman

Color and Line by Carole Mertz; reviewed by Gabriel Mundo

Community Service on Planet Weirdo by Patricia Carney; reviewed by Julia Nelson

Cretin Boy by Jim Landwehr; reviewed by Freesia McKee

dancing a dizzy holiness by Larry Janowski; reviewed by Ed Werstein

Decennia by Jan Chronister; reviewed by Murphy McCoy

Intended: A Marriage in Black and White by Sharon Nesbit-Davis; reviewed by Lauren Brandmeier

Meditation on Ceremonies of Beginnings by Thomas Davis; reviewed by Margaret Rozga

Reverie’s Ilk: Collected Prose Poems by Karl Elder; reviewed by Brad Weller

Spring City Terror 1903 by Sean Michael Malone; reviewed by Ashley Ehman

The Man in the Pines by David Nash; reviewed by Carole Mertz

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