Sarah Beidatsch

Michigan and Monroe

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Shrouded Skyscrapers


Although Wisconsin will always be my first home, I find myself absolutely enamored with Chicago. Moving here was daunting, mainly because I was afraid of getting lost in the repetitive city blocks and towering skyscrapers. One of the ways I familiarized myself with my new home was by walking around and capturing different parts of the city, particularly focusing on moody hues and memorable views. I also try to find repetition, symmetry, and interesting lighting sprinkled throughout the city.

Originally, she was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. Currently, she is a freshman at Columbia College Chicago majoring in marketing and minoring in photography. She pursues photography in her day to day life by shooting at local concerts for up-and-coming bands in the Chicago music scene, taking pictures at protests and other events downtown, and capturing the beauty of the Windy City.

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