Scott Lesh


Scott Cattails and goldfish (44_ x 75_)


Scott Owl



scott lesh

My art is meant to invite contemplation of a material-rich, mysterious universe. In many of these pieces, I arrange plants and other objects onto black paper or cloth, then spray with bleach. When I remove the objects, their black silhouettes remain behind. Their essential presence persists even in their physical absence. This process of artistic reanimation is intended to bridge the material world with that of the intangible essence of life.  

My art is a quest to come to terms with the tenuous nature of identity, to navigate in a world of matter and spirit.

I am interested in the scientific process of observation for the laws of nature that it reveals, and for the unanswerable questions, its limited scope incites. Out of death, decay, and chaos emerge order and a reverential interpretive human expression. Every work of art I create is a gateway into a complex and miraculous reality.

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