Synthesis (or Lefty Surrenders)

By Ed Werstein

No justice, no peace!
the ralliers pump fists
protesting yet another atrocity
while glaciers weep into the sea
rainforests burn, and patriarchal dinosaurs
pump Mesozoic plasma from our dying mother.

What hope is there for a world
where cold colonels taunt poets
with disembodied ears, smirk,
then sip their wine?

The war to end all wars
is a riddle begging the conundrum:
how to inject the vaccine
while avoiding the infection?

A dream:
Karl Marx rides by in a Hummer
as I cycle to the farmers market.
He rolls down the window and shouts,
Give it up, Lefty, it’s over!
Join the Party!

The final synthesis is extinction.
There is no justice.
There will be no peace.

Ed Werstein is the East Region Vice-President of the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets. His poetry has appeared in Rosebud, Stoneboat, Gyroscope, Blue Collar Review and other journals, as well as several anthologies. In 2018 he received the Lorine Niedecker Prize from the Council for Wisconsin Writers (judged by Nickole Brown). Some of his latest books include, Benediction and Baseball (Fireweed Press).

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