By James P. Roberts 

I lost you, then—miraculously, when all hope was gone
and utter despair loomed—I found you again.

I thought I had lost you forever, that I’d
never again hold you in my hands, feel your texture,

glean your vibrant history, so unlike the others.
what was it about you—or me?—which drew you back?

was it the thought of future riches? An accumulation
of those like you, surrounding me in your benign presence?

no matter, I have you now and will tuck you
safely away. Away from age, decay, obsolescence…

yes, you, my Topps 1954 Henry Aaron rookie baseball card.

James P. Roberts is the author of 15 published books of fantasy & science fiction, poetry, literary biography and baseball history. Recent work has been published in Rosebud, Weirdbook, Mirror Dance, Sand Canyon Review and Zingara Poetry Review. He lives in Madison, Wisconsin where he stays involved in many literary activities and haunts Little Free Libraries in his spare time.


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