What Was Underneath

Ice Age Trail: Blue Spring Lake Segment

along hill edges past

stone elephant rock,

I find a table cut for one,

stumps set on the edge

of red and gold confetti,

the taste of the trail

cool crisp in my mouth,

I step on the lemon-scented

roundness of black walnuts,

hold the breadth of yellow

beech leaf along my forearm

in this new season

I see what was hidden

under the prior fullness

of green canopy —

the shapes of the trees

holding the last few

leaves of colored light

and the angry sting

of bald-faced hornets

hung in a paper globe

now in clear view –

an empty threat

resting in the cold

Katrina Serwe

Katrina Serwe, BS, MS, PhD…it took her three degrees to figure out she’s really a poet. Now she’s on Wisconsin’s Ice Age Trail writing poems and sharing hiking haiku on Instagram. Her poems have been published in Bramble, Moss Piglet, The Little Book Project, Muse 5, and the Solitary Plover

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