William Hicks

Flower Gamboa

Flower Gamboa 073115314

Gamboa Rain Forest

Gamboa Rain Forest Dusk 073015

Accessible Art” (AA) is what I create. I borrowed the term from my poetry. AA has no deeper meaning. It is art. While I hope you experience some deep emotion or gleam some unintended truth from my work, I hold no such expectation. I created my art because I found it beautiful. I hope you do too.

William D. Hicks lives in Illinois by himself (any offers?). Contrary to popular belief he is not related to the famous comedian Bill Hicks (though he’s just as funny in his own right). Hicks will someday publish his memoirs, but they will be about Bill Hicks’ life. His horror stories “Twist” published as an eBook in 2011 and “Killer Flies” published in 2012. His poem “At Christmastime” appears in Ideals 2011 Christmas and “Spring” appears in Ideals 2012 Easter. He is a major contributor in the 2011 anthologies Heavy Petting and AHA! Cover art/photography appears in The Blank Page Handbook, Anti-Poetry and Mixed Fruit.

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