Would that I Would

The road runs long between should and will
Its distance measured in time to fill.
A lazy ride to enhance my procrastination
Waiting seems to be my inclination.

Roads’ future possibilities opening wide
As I proceed along my ride.
bumps jostling thoughts as I veer,
intermingling with my fears. 

Where is the smooth road to accomplishment?
Isn’t that what this road meant?
Potential lies ahead for could
if only I just would!

Janet Engle Frase is a retired R.N. and a graduate of Cook County School of Nursing, Chicago, IL. Born in 1941, Jan has been busy with three children, nine grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. She has traveled extensively with her husband of 59 years to every Continent, Antarctica twice, 50 countries, and crossed both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans by ship. The many unforgettable and influential people in her life have inspired her new pastime of writing poetry as a vehicle to tell a story. Jan’s poetry has never been published!

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