Yarn Time Machine

An endless tendril

winding around itself

poking through

little looping tunnels

as if writing stitch words

in palpable cursive

paragraphs and pages

of them

more and more pendulous

on the needles

building a fabric

of curly connections

as the skein shrinks


And if there are mistakes

go back. Undo

each stitch,

yard after yard bearing

the twisty imprint of the past—

back to where

it went awry— wrong stitches,

a ruined pattern

the start of a great


Then do it again,

knit the wrinkled past

into what you wanted it to be.

Pam Lewis

Pam Lewis’ work has appeared in various regional and national publications. Now retired, she enjoys the many opportunities for learning, and the natural beauty of Madison, WI.

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