Years Later

Back in Kansas Dorothy is now

married to a man with half a brain

who she doesn’t have the heart

or courage to leave.

The ruby slippers hold no magic

in the state of Kansas and

once again Toto is her only friend.

The Wizard is barely getting by

guessing people’s weight

and reading recycled fortunes

on the local county fair circuit,

occasionally selling rides in his

recently repaired hot air balloon.

His crystal ball has run out of predictions

so he consults his tarot cards and

keeps his tattered suitcase packed.

On ominous summer afternoons

Dorothy hangs clothes on the line

with an eye on the weathervane.

Lynn Patrick Smith

Lynn lives in Madison, Wisconsin and is a singer/songwriter as well as a poet. He performs occasionally around the Madison area. His latest poetry collection is These Little Scenes from Fireweed Press. He has served as treasurer and regional vice president for The Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets.

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