You promise me a morning

by Margaret Rozga

walk along the beach
Waves touch and retreat beneath
circle of squawking gulls

running start
spreads wings    glides high

Morning promises

Silent geese upon the hill—
Why do we see them only now?

steps forward
eyes the flock    eyes

my approach
and yours

Gulls    voiceless    ascending
riffs of geese flying formation
lead   rotate   lead    rotate

I cannot miss them        such noise
You can           such silence

Margaret Rozga has published four books of poetry, including Pestiferous Questions: A Life in Poems (Lit Fest Press 2017), written with the help of a creative writing fellowship at the American Antiquarian Society. Her current project is a series of Alice in Wonderland themed poems. She serves as current Wisconsin Poet Laureate and in that role is working to encourage conversations about poems we love.

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