you were a light-walker

For Judy

a person held in a beam of light
holding space on the dark stage
for those who later 
spoke the lines or sang the aria,

a title more meaningful since your death,
friends telling how your face lit up
when greeting a friend
talking of opera, theater, feeding the birds, 
your love of adventures on your own

and the pastor added you were not afraid 
of dying, curious to find out 
what was on the other side 
of the dark, eager in fact,

the image of you as light-walker
making us smile,
memories of you, lighting the room.

Kathleen Phillips lives in Milwaukee. Now 85, she finds writing to be her lifeline during this time of quarantine and isolation. There is plenty to write about. The challenge is knowing where to look. Kathleen belongs of WFOP and two critique groups: Hartford Ave Poets and Sparks.

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