Alice-Catherine Jennings

The Morning after the Super Moon
inspired by Sons by Pearl S. Buck

Double down dragon sun—
a chill is in the air and
the leaves of the soybeans have turned brown.
It is time to collect their pods.

After last night’s moon you don’t look
so bright. That one was a robber
with a fat belly and you woke up
a shriveled cabbage with a mirthless smile.

So, double down dragon sun—
drink some sorghum wine and turn your
face red hot. My herbs must be gathered
and I have goose-flesh arms.

Alice-Catherine Jennings is the author of Katherine of Aragon: A Collection of Poems (Finishing Line Press, 2016) and Notations: The Imagined Diary of Julian of Norwich (Red Bird Chapbooks, forthcoming in 2017). Her poetry has appeared in various publications worldwide. She is a native of Ohio but lives in Texas now.

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