Poetry 2017

Charles Cantrell // Desert Snow; Lilac Shadow

Sylvia Cavanaugh // Wheel of Fortune

Jan Chronister // Valentine’s Day

Brian Czyzyk // Chickasaw, Alabama

Laurel Devitt // Nest for Rent w/ Option to Buy

Katie Fink // Iowa is For Lovers

Annette Grunseth // My Mother’s Moon; Endless Summer

Alice-Catherine Jennings // The Morning after the Super Moon

Michael Lee Johnson // Give Me Booze or Give me Jesus

C. Kubasta // The Martin House

Jim Landwehr // Stellar; Giants

Suzanne Marshall // Winter Fog over the Lake; In Pastures Green

Melissa McGraw // How to Avoid Falling in Love

Wilda Morris // Caesura; Leaf by the Path

Sergio Ortiz // I am as Lonely as Falling Drops of Rain; I Swear Upon all that is Holy

Andrea Potos // Daughter, Home

Adrian Potter // The Mistake Poem; Living is the New Dying; Obvious Dangers

Jeannie E. Roberts // Brown-Headed Cowbird

Terry Savoie // Times 3; In Late October; Firefly. Cricket. Two Elms

Lisa Vihos // As Living Live

Miriam Weinstein // A Nod to Unwritten Poems

Jeannie E. Roberts // October Trio; Spring Rising

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