Art 2019

Portage 2019 has received and accepted art from four artists this year.

Katrisha Charpentier

Artist Statement: “My main subject is nature and the beauty of animals. I love to capture the spirit of the animal through my drawings and really make it pop with color, with color you can really convey the joy and raw beauty of plants, animals, and everyday life. I like my pieces to be fun, interesting, and most of all relatable!”

Inktober 4

Inktober 8

Inktober 9

Carey Torres

Artist Statement: “This piece is a fun, whimsical take on something that is ordinary and familiar to many. It takes a hold of your imagination and says ‘Anything is possible!'”

Liquorice Whip

June Paul

Artist Statement: “I enjoy spending time with family and dabbling with writing and other forms of art. In the last few years, I’ve started taking more photos. I’m really just learning how to use my NIKON Coolpix B500. Most of my photos are of nature. While I enjoy people watching, I often feel as if I’m intruding on their privacy if I take photos of them – or they want to pose for you.  You can get up close and personal with nature and not worry about any of that.”

Silver Lake Reflection

“The trees surrounding Silver Lake Beach in Portage, WI were stunning in their fall colors.  The sky and water was clear. I took this photo with my Samsung Galaxy as I had left my camera at home.  When I downloaded the photo and turned it on my camera I saw this interesting effect that causes me to think about theatre and the arts.”

Lighthouse Marinette

“It was an incredibly windy October day in Menomonee. Our daughter took us to see the lighthouse. There were times you couldn’t see it through the waves and clouds so I kept taking photos as fast as I could. This is my favorite shot from the day. To me it depicts the beauty and strength of both nature and mankind, clashing and crashing at times, and at other times sharing moments of peace and serenity.”

Nicholas Messink

Artist Statement: “When making comics, I like to use my characters as ways to express my point of view on important topics. Lenny (Crow) has more of a liberal mindset whereas Steve (Scarecrow) tends to be more conservative. My comics show that even though they do not agree with each other at times, they still remain friends and grow from each other’s different perspectives. I think that is very important in society today.”

Tin Man

Government Shutdown

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