Editor In Chief: Dena Abu-Saif
Dena Abu-Saif is a junior at Carroll University studying English and Education. She absolutely loves any type of herbal tea; drinking, on average, 4 cups of tea per day. In times of distress, retail therapy and a solid rant are her go to’s. She also enjoys reading and writing, but not arithmetic.

Assistant Editor: Megan Kida
Megan is a graduating English major with a minor in Professional Writing. She is happy to be on the Portage staff for the second year in a row. If you need to find her she’s the one with a latte in her hand.

Editor Emeritus: Alex Crader
Alex is a senior majoring in professional writing. They have participated in publishing Portage Magazine for three consecutive years, and have been published several times in Century, Carroll University’s literary magazine. In their spare time, they play video games, create art, and write fiction while they can before having to enter the Real World.

Prose Editor: Krista Topp
Krista is a sophomore at Carroll University studying Communication, Spanish, and Creative Writing.  She is also a member of the Carroll University Blaze Dance Team and writes for The Odyssey Online. In her free time she enjoys reading, shopping, and drinking Starbucks.

Poetry Editor: Sarah Hansen
Sarah is the poetry editor for Portage Magazine. She is a sophomore at Carroll University studying English and Communication, and is part of the softball team. Sarah enjoys reading and coffee.  

Reviews Editor: Abigail Thrams
Abigail Thrams is a Junior at Carroll University majoring in Exercise Science with a double minor in English and Nutrition. Family is important to her, including her two cats Zazzles and Socks. When not tied up with school or track, she enjoys reading, writing, and getting stronger in the weight room.

Art Editor: Sarah Johanek
Sarah Johanek is Portage’s Art Editor and very excited for the opportunity. Her interest for various mediums of art started at an early age when she tried to find one she was good at. Her appreciation for art was ignited by learning about the Dutch Golden Age and 19th Century Impressionism. She prefers ricotta due to its versatility in both the sweet and savory realms.

Features Editor: Gabe Wichser
Gabe Wichser is a senior at Carroll University, graduating in May with a degree in English. His free time is spent creating electronic music, taking photographs, and editing short films, among other things. An avid job-hunter, he aspires to work in creative advertising, and hopes to relocate to Colorado in the next few years.

Copy Editor: Eric Van Driska
Eric Van Driska is a senior at Carroll University studying English and History. He enjoys playing the cello and learning Mandarin Chinese, which led to a month abroad in Chengdu, China for the summer of 2015. His interest in editing and publishing also led to his participation in a course which produced the summer 2016 issue of Nineteenth Century Gender Studies. His aspirations include returning to China to teach English and performing editorial work at a publishing company.

Director of Marketing and Social Media: Elle Streicher
Elle is currently the Director of Marketing and Social Media of Portage Magazine and a Production Artist at MRA-The Management Association. She will be graduating in May with a Bachelor of Science in Professional Writing and Communications. When she’s not reading or writing, she likes to travel and foster animals in need of a loving home.

Graphic Designer: Ashley Ehman
Ashley Ehman is a graduating senior with a double major in Information Technology and Professional Writing, coupled with a Graphic Design minor. She is in the process of writing a coding book for children and hopes to be published later this year. When she’s not busy writing, she enjoys traveling across the country for the sake of music and eating too much cheese. For more, visit her portfolio.

Webmaster: Caleb Beres
Caleb is a professional writing major at Carroll University and is in his Junior year. When he is not managing Portage’s website he spends much of his time playing videogames and creating his own ceramic work. He aspires to have a career in writing reviews for a videogame magazine.

Founding Editor and Editor Emerita: Taylor Hamann
Taylor graduated from Carroll University with a Bachelor of Arts in English and professional writing in 2016. She currently works as a copy editor at Northwestern Publishing House and is pursuing a Master of Library and Information Science at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her poetry appears in the Monarch Review, Whiskey Island, Pirene’s Fountain, and others.

Faculty Advisor: B.J. Best
B.J. is the author of three books of poetry:  But Our Princess Is in Another Castle (Rose Metal Press, 2013), Birds of Wisconsin (New Rivers Press, 2010), and State Sonnets (sunnyoutside, 2009).  He has also published four chapbooks, most recently Yes (Parallel Press, 2014).  He is an Associate Professor of English at Carroll University.  For more, visit his blog.

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