Laurel Devitt

Nest for Rent w/ Option to Buy

Robin’s nest available.
To see, view drainpipe on house at 1508 Lipton.
It’s the white and gray residence on the alley.

Well-planned location under the eaves,
over the family trash cans,
cozy with, but well above, heat and water meters.

Tenant is not responsible for mowing lawn,
shoveling snow, taking out trash.
During rainy season, nest overlooks drainpipe stream.

For hard-core water lovers,
the Black River is at the end of the street,
just past a popular pizza place that delivers.

Only I can see the pretty, private nest (through my big front window).
And while I am quite nosy about what goes on in this nest,
I mean no harm, keep my distance and make no noise
complaints to the police. I may, however, write about you.

Need not be a robin to apply.

Laurel lives and writes in God’s Country, La Crosse, WI, surrounded by bluffs and the three rivers. Most recently she had poems in An Ariel Anthology and Words and Other Wild Things. She won third place in Poet’s Choice, a section of WFOP’s 2016 Triad Contest.

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