The Wonder of Being

by Patti Herman

The sun was setting as we
headed out for a hike along the trail.
It was the time of day
when the world seems mysterious,
just enough light to cast
the trees into silhouetted profiles.
As we walked through the woods
we heard the scurrying
of squirrels as they attended to
their final tasks of the day.
Birds were performing their twilight arias,
their songs diminishing
as the darkness descended.
Reaching the open meadow
we were met by the sight
of the sun sinking on the horizon,
fiery orange, while the moon ascended
in the east. We stood, spellbound,
experiencing the wonder of being
here at this moment in time.

Patti Herman

Patti Herman is retired from a career that focused on supporting the well-being of children and families. Her poetry and other writing has appeared in various print and online publications. She lives in Lodi, Wisconsin, with her husband, Bill, when they aren’t off finding new places to hike.

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