Poetry 2018

Nancy Austin // Songbird, Raptor; The Return to the Ice Caves; Where I Dwell

Read Nancy Austin’s interview with Portage Magazine here.

Steev Baker // Heavy Gift

F. J. Bergmann // Dealing With the IRS; Magical Thinking; Trusty Oak

Read F. J. Bergmann’s interview with Portage Magazine here.

Alan Harris // The End Is Near; Footsteps

Patti Herman // The Wonder of Being

Jay Artemis Hull // Communion; Conjurers; Cricket Woods

Read Jay Artemis Hull’s interview with Portage Magazine here.

Maryann Hurtt // A Guru of Wild

Joan Wiese Johannes // Man Talking on His Cellphone in the Airport

Stephanie Moore // So Renegade

Elizabeth Harmatys Park // What Their Mothers Told My Lady Friends About Marriage

Jeannie E. Roberts // The Mother of Modern Arts; The Sound of Winter

Alicia Schmitt // Hunting Season; The Fixer

Ed Werstein // Is This Poem A Fish?

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