Editorial Statements

Fiction Mission Statement:

For Portage Magazine, fiction selections are chosen for good quality writing. This phrase may seem vague, but it holds true. If a piece has interesting, fleshed out characters, an intriguing plot, and the mechanics necessary to allow the story to flow, we will accept it. This means that we will even consider straight genre pieces as long as they are engaging to read. That being said, we may shy away from pieces with gratuitous sex and violence if the graphic descriptions seem out of place and unnecessary for the piece. We will also consider experimental and Meta pieces if they are well-done.  As long as a well-written fiction piece demonstrates imagination and creativity, we will not hesitate to publish it.

Poetry Editorial Statement:

If you were to ask me what makes a good poem, I am inclined to say something along the lines of “all poems are good in their own special way.” With that being said, every poem speaks to different people in different ways. The poems that speak to me are poems that push the boundaries of social constraints. Talk about the taboo, talk about things that are profoundly illegal and will bring the wrath of God down on you. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the classics too. I love poems about nature as much as the next person, but to make it matter to me, the poem has to do something profound and unexpected. The poems that I don’t like tend to go over my head. I don’t know everything under the sun, so of course there are going to be references I don’t understand. Does that make a poem bad? Of course not. It just doesn’t speak to me.

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