Poetry 2019

Featuring thirteen different authors and twenty one poems, Portage 2019 is excited to provide a diverse collection of poetry this year. Explore this year’s talented group by author.

Marne Wilson


Terry Savoie

Seasonal Residents

On a Late Freezing Snowfall

… Out

Ryan Apple

Canadian Air

Removing an Old Acquaintance from My List of Contacts

Mary Anna Kruch


Annette Langlois Grunseth

Ongoing War

Erik Richardson

Dodgson’s dream of strawberry jam

Joan Wiese Johannes

Newborns Cry but Do Not Weep

Their First Day of the Dead

Keep Out of Reach of Children and Pets

Sandra Lindow

Wisconsin, a Winter Story

F. J. Bergmann

Wrong Side

Winds of Change

Margaret Rozga

You promise me a morning

For Future Generations, Naked and Bald

Kathrine Yets


Lisa Vihos

Holy Mackeral

That Kind of Night

Kathryn Gahl

Slow Dancing

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